My Creations

Day 1: A blog about creating

As the saying goes: Hello, world! I’m Irene, an eternal 5 year old at heart who lives with her head in the clouds more often than not. This is my blog about creating.

Why did I make this blog? A little over a year ago, a freak car accident left me a permanent paraplegic, unable to walk and a lot more. More than anything, all the things I can’t do now made me struggle to remember the things I still can do. Which sucks because so many of the things I count among my talents are things that, while made ridiculously more difficult because of my injury, are still things I can do, and do well if I keep my head in the game.

So last night, I decided to make this blog. My goal? To create at least one new thing every day.

I plan to make this an ongoing project, to be assessed every January 1. I realize that today is already April 25, but for the sake of not creating any barriers to fruition, I’ll count Year 1 as 4/25/16-12/31/16.

I have some additional rules for myself:

  • The creation can be anything, whether a photograph, a sketch, or prose. Whatever it is, it must be of publishable quality or, if not something that can be completed within a day, intended for such.
  • Photographs: must be taken with my Canon EOS 60D DSLR, (unless it happens to be a REALLY, REALLY good smartphone capture). They must be fully post-processed to qualify. No snapping a quick photo of my dog sleeping just to meet quota.
  • Writing: Must amount to at least one page of a book draft. That’s one single-spaced full page, using size 11 regular Arial in a Google Doc.
  • Art: Must represent a significant amount of progress representing a day’s work. Because of the length of time required for some projects, does not require completion. Also eligible are completions of incomplete pieces started at some point past.
  • Videos: will generally be of singing or video gaming (Twitch). Some leeway on quality; however, non-Twitch videos should be edited and made with best-quality footage as possible.
  • Cooking: counts only when the dish is something I don’t make often, uses a new recipe, or requires more effort than the usual meal.
  • Whatever the creation, it must be revealed, with a high-quality verification photograph, on this blog, either the night of or the morning after the creation (to allow for better photograph). This image does not meet the photograph creation requirement.

With that, I give you my Day 1 creation: this blog!

Happy creating,

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