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Day 10: An engagement gift

So, yet another friend is getting married (I guess I’m just at “that age”), and I needed some way to say congratulations that wasn’t a lame Facebook like.

I first conceived of my Fish Balloons (working title) watercolor almost a year ago. It’s a piece I’ve worked on repeatedly (I think I’m on attempt 4 now) but still haven’t gotten it quite where I want it to be.

Nonetheless, when I showed it to said friend, she asked right away whether she could buy it. I was flattered but hesitant about accepting her money, especially since it would be for something I didn’t feel 100% about.

So I decided to gift her one of my many prior versions plus a little card/envelope for her engagement instead.

The cardvelope isn’t all too brag-worthy, given how easy and quick it was to make. Cut and fold along the lines, write the message on the inside, then fold up and seal like so:


It was so quick, I got bored and needed a new mini project to do. So I grabbed some colorful Japanese washi paper lying around, looked up some instructions, and made a few folds.



Origami animals!

* * * * * * *

Future project idea:

  • A mini water garden

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