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Day 106: Anniversary Road Trip Photos, Boyfriend and Me

I don’t often post photos of myself with the Boyfriend, nor take many photos of us in general for that matter (this is mostly because I am the least photogenic person I know), but I figure since this blog inadvertently acts like a diary of sorts and I’ve spent the last several days going through my road trip photos (still am), I’d post some shots of the two of us for once. Starting with the shot that probably represents our relationship best:


Since I’m usually the one holding the camera, naturally the camera holds more shots of Boyfriend than of myself:

washington monument dick an opus per diem

Appropriately blurred and everything.

Pose, by An Opus Per Diem

horseshoe crab irene park an opus per diem

Love this mom. “Pick it up, wutchu so scared of?” she kept taunting her sons. After Boyfriend stepped in and picked it up himself: “See, he ain’t scared!”

rocket man nasa wallops an opus per diem

hershey eat kisses an opus per diem

dog irene park an opus per diem

This dog did not like Boyfriend petting the kitties.

Candid shots are the best, but silly photos run a close second.

That said, we do actually have a decent, normal posed photo of us together.

He always looks better.

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