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Day 13: A message in a bottle


That’s Manhattan in the background. I love how the buildings turned out fluorescent blue.

With Mother’s Day coming up, I was a little stumped as to what sort of card to draw for my mom. I was rummaging around in my crafts bin, when I realized, I had all the ingredients to make a message in a bottle card instead!

It was beyond easy to put together. I’ve always been a collector (*cough*hoarder*cough*) of pretty beach pebbles and dried roses whenever Boyfriend gets me flowers, so I already had my pretty little decorations to fill the bottle with. It was just a matter of cutting a small slip of paper from one of my many sketchpads (this one, made from recycled coffee bean bags, was the perfect shade of rustic brown), rolling it up, tying it with some jute string, and throwing everything inside.


Simple and lovely. (I love you, Mom!)

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