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Day 15: Photo gallery boxes

diy photo box an opus per diem

DIY Photo Box, An Opus Per Diem

Shutterfly was offering a special deal for unlimited free prints, so I said “why not?” and sent over a slew of my phone photos. But there were a couple that I wanted special because they really showed me, intact and whole, before my accident last year.

I didn’t have any square photo frames but definitely wanted to do something with these that wasn’t clipping them onto a cheap metal photo holder or pasting them up on the wall with scotch tape.

I found this idea for DIY gallery boxes on Damask Love and gave it a spin.

The original instructions call for trimming photos to fit gift or shoe boxes. I didn’t have any spare square-shaped gift boxes, so I made my own with some spare cardboard lying around.

I made four quick slits alongside the edges, then folded the sides in and pasted appropriately.

diy photo box an opus per diem


diy photo box an opus per diem

Next, I used washi tape to decorate the sides.


I made sure to leave some extra overlap past the edge, to ensure no cardboard would be visible in the final product.


After that was done, I pasted the photo on. All done!

diy photo box an opus per diem

DIY Photo Box, by An Opus Per Diem

I plan to put these up in my little work cove, to remind myself that someday, I’ll be back on my feet again. That’s a promise.


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