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Day 20: Manhattan night photography

manhattan night skyline irene park an opus per diem

Manhattan Night Photography, by Irene Park/An Opus Per Diem

I swear I wasn’t going to spring for New York skyline photography two days in a row. But when Boyfriend pointed out the cool storm clouds hovering over the city and the clear Jersey City sky on the other side, I had to drag him and my camera up to the rooftop of my apartment building right away, rain be damned.

Of course, Long Island City is notorious for its vicious winds, so the vast majority of my shots came out blurry and unfocused from gale-related turbulence. I had wanted to get a range of shots using various white balance settings, to see the colors I could capture in the clear portion of sky, but alas, beggars with shaky hands can’t be choosers.

As for the other blur shot I took, I always get a kick out of trying to capture colorful subjects like lights and flowers purposely out of focus, so I wanted to see how that would look here.

Do you think it works? Let me know in the comments.

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