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Day 23: A dinosaur watercolor painting, updated


I finally finished my update of my dinosaur watercolor painting from Day 2 (can you see? I added the lower portion as a new cutout). Other than a few small qualms (can you figure out what they are?), I like this version so much more, especially since the brontosauruses don’t look retarded this time around.

I do have to admit that the saturation and contrast added by the photo makes the colors in the new lower half look even deeper and more vibrant than if you were looking at the original in person. So is the nature of watercolor.

First, here are my main criticisms:

  1. Measure twice, cut once they say, but patience is not one of my virtues. I should have realized (before jumping the gun on pasting the cutout) that the grassy hill on the right half of the painting doesn’t contrast enough with the valley behind it. If I had even just cut a little lower along the hill or added some deeper colors to it, that problem could have been easily nipped in the bud.
  2. I totally got the measurements wrong on the new addition. As a result, you can see a 1 centimeter shift to the left from where the new cutout was supposed to go. Bah. Rulers and I’ve never had an amicable relationship. The good thing is that empty spot on the right can probably be concealed with a frame mat.
  3. My text along the bottom is getting lost in the color behind it. I guess I could try and lighten the paint there or go over the text again to make it thicker?

That said, I’m pretty happy with the undulating hue on the new brontosauruses dinosaurs, with some strategic wet-on-wet guidance with my brush (and no weird scratch lines and unintended color separation this time!). I also struggled a bit with getting the grass to where I wanted, but despite my fears like the way both hard- and soft-edge strokes have come together to form this really textured meadow. Although maybe there’s too much going now overall?

Here’s the old version, by the way:

Dino Meteor

What do you think of the final? Looking for feedback to apply to the next attempt at improvement.

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