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Day 24: A monochrome Legend of Zelda watercolor

I’ve been having a ball using colors galore to wet-on-wet deck the crap out of my watercolor canvases, but my work was decidedly lacking the finesse of strategic highlights and shadows. So I decided it might be about time for me to do a study in monochrome painting, to really figure out how to shape form without relying on superfluous tools.

To make things fun, I made a little (literally) tribute to my favorite game, the Legend of Zelda. Going off of Link’s green garb, I made myself a black-olive blend to paint with. The only part of this painting that would use any other color would be Link and his horse Epona, right there at the bottom.

Well… I’m not super happy with the way it turned out. For one thing, I kind of lost my way halfway through the process of trying to get all the paint flow to cooperate. I also tried to use salt again to make some sky texture but had no luck, AGAIN. The paper was warping like CRAZY (I JUST found out you’re supposed to stretch most watercolor paper that isn’t at least a certain weight. Did you know that?!). I didn’t know exactly how to best delineate sky from mountain, without painting super obvious borders to cover all the undesired paint feathering at the boundary line. Finally, I fucked up the moon area using white paint (which looked OH SO COOL when everything was wet, but looks OH SO MUDDY dry).

… But I guess you can’t really expect perfection on a first try. Maybe next time I’ll try and imitate a monochrome painting first before jumping into a piece of my own.

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