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Day 31: A cookie tin planter

I recently discovered a charming little Japanese/French bakery called Patisserie Tomoko in Williamsburg that makes the cutest just-sweet-enough pastries enough to make even this bread neutral’s mouth water just a little. The clincher is these adorable cookie tins they sell for less than $10, complete with a smattering of matcha, black sesame, and chocolate bite-sized biscuits.


I sprang for the tin before I knew the cookies were included, so needless to say they were a delightful surprise. (Sorry I don’t have a picture, I ate them so fast.)

After I’d razed right through them, I debated what to do with the tin. I’d initially wanted to use it as a pencil holder, but it was just a tad short for that purpose. Then I recalled some tin planter ideas I’d seen on Pinterest.

It was kind of perfect timing because one of my windowsill plants is a succulent (some sort of Crassula I think) that my Boyfriend used to keep at his old office. The poor thing had gotten so long and gangly it couldn’t stand on its own anymore. Plus it was already sprouting roots from its shaft (is that what she said?).

crassula succulent pruning beheading an opus per diem

Did you know one of the recommended methods for pruning succulents is (wait for it)… BEHEADING them?

crassula succulent pruning beheading an opus per diem

I think I’m going to call this guy Ned from now on.

So anyway, I had a spare plant that needed a new home. Here’s how I settled it in:

cookie tin planter succulent crassula terrarium an opus per diem

Suh kyoot.

* * * * * * *

In other news, yay to 1 month of posting!

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