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Day 32: A rustic wedding invite, final version

You might remember that I was working on some wedding invite designs for a good friend of mine getting married in August. I had generated a couple different layouts, including one with trees, one with birds, and one with hearts and arrows.

Bride and groom chose hearts and arrows, so I got to work inserting my own sketches (I’d used clip art before) and editing the text to bride and bridemomzilla’s preference. Here’s what I sent her:

laurels hearts arrows wedding invite design irene park an opus per diem

*Background color only added for differentiation from website white.

Designing for other people is definitely an interesting process. I think it’s always surprising (even shocking) to see how people’s tastes differ from one another, especially when gauging one’s own work. With EK, I would send over a smattering of designs, thinking she would definitely favor one… only to have her select something entirely different, very often what I felt would have been my last choice.

For instance, I gave EK a selection of hand-drawn laurels to choose from.

laurels wedding invite design irene park an opus per diem

She chose the top left laurel, whereas I thought either of the bottom two were better executed; of the two mini laurels in the middle, she liked the top, whereas I definitely preferred the dots.

Add in her fiancée, and then the data really started to scatter. Although on that point, another interesting observation is seeing how couples tend to like the same things… Probably why we’re with them in the first place, right? Or at least, this demonstrates a converging of taste developed over the course of the relationship.

Of course, as designer, I get to make calls that trump those even of the client, provided there’s just cause, of course.

Like with those dratted laurels. Try as I might, but I just couldn’t make top left laurel look good when laid out on all four corners of the invite. Worse still, the leafy mini laurel just added so much extra frill to the whole thing.

So what did I do? I made 2 versions — one with what she’d requested, one with what I did. And then I left it up to EK to decide. I mean, hey, I may be able to make some calls, but it’s still her wedding, you know?

I’ll let you know which one she ultimately chooses.

* * * * * * *

Oh, and just because I was bored, and Boyfriend really likes my branches design, I updated that one a little too. It still requires more finesse, especially where my Surface Pen glitched out on the left. But I wanted to address EK’s fiancée’s critique that the original layout looked too cluttered. And I also haven’t lost hope that I might be able to use this for some future project.

Here it is:

branches trees wedding invite design irene park an opus per diem

As always, critiques and feedback on any and all of these is much appreciated!


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