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Day 36: Not-so-Manhattanhenge photos

Ever since I heard about Manhattanhenge four years ago, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at catching the shot. (If you don’t know, Manhattanhenge refers to those four days of the year when the setting sun lines up with the Manhattan grid, shining right along its streets west to east). But I just barely missed the dates the first year, I couldn’t get on location in time the second, and I was in and out of hospitals the third.

This May iteration seemed promising, mainly because I live in a city with the killerest Midtown Manhattan views (I can see straight down 43rd to Grand Central Station from my living room). The best views of Manhattanhenge are purported to be along 42nd among a handful of other streets, so I was stoked I didn’t have to travel far from my building to catch a prime photographing spot.

As Murphy’s Law would have it, by sunset at 8:12 p.m. on Sunday, the clouds had come round in force. You could barely see even any sunset colors, much less the sun. In more devastating news, while I was hurrying to pack up my DSLR and get outside in time, one of my camera lenses rolled right off my lap and onto the floor. My entire body tensed as I heard the *shatter* that obliterated any hope my $400 zoom lens would escape unscathed.

cracked lens

I’d found some photographer buddies outside to hang with for the big event. Imagine my mortification rolling up with nothing but a fixed 50mm lens (FYI: they’re not for landscape photography, AT ALL).

And after all that, the setting sun didn’t even show.

manhattanhenge manhattan skyline new york city irene park an opus per diem

The skies stayed cloudy through Day 2 yesterday, so I didn’t even bother going out a second time.

All that said: I guess one perk of the ill-timed rains was that Monday morning, I woke up to the most beautiful fog blanketing Midtown. After getting dressed in a hurry (no small feat for a wheelchair user at 6 a.m.), I ran outside with my 50mm and Galaxy S7 Edge to see if I could at least catch this shot.


foggy manhattan new york city irene park an opus per diem


foggy manhattan new york city irene park an opus per diem

Am now fully motivated to invest in more lenses for my Canon 60D, particularly a wide angle. For now, I have a new photo toy coming in the mail today that I cannot wait to finally play with.

Reveal soon.

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