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Day 37: A ginger plant

In my household (which consists of me, Boyfriend, and Kenji the Dog), we have a bad propensity for not being able to use all the groceries brought into our home. The (sometimes not-so-terrible) result of this is that a lot of our produce tends to start sprouting, even under the seemingly most inhospitable of conditions. We had garlic that did this and potatoes, and even some scallions I threw in some water have now grown mile-long roots.

It doesn’t help that Boyfriend’s mom likes to take it upon herself to bring us food without quite making sure we’re able to accommodate the excess consumables. Like this piece of ginger, which  was sitting in a knotted-up plastic bag atop the microwave for a good 2 months before I remembered it was still there.

Determined to use whatever was salvageable in my jjambbong, I retrieved the bag, only to realize that, though there was a bit of shriveling and mold, the deterioration was rather negligible. I was surprised to find instead a little  green shoot growing steadfastly despite the lack of both oxygen and water it was receiving.

Not expecting much, I dropped the guy in water with my scallions. A week later, the shoot was stretching higher than ever, with plump new roots to boot. Far from how withered the rhizome had looked when I’d discovered it, now it was FAT, like it could barely contain any more nourishment.

After a weekend trip Upstate, Boyfriend happened to bring home for me this glass container and some extra soil, plus an old side table of mine (it had been sitting in storage at his parents’ house) for our empty entryway. So I decided to give the ginger a fighting chance at life.

I repeated my steps from my cookie tin planter with what I had available (no more rocks lying around, so I just threw in charcoal and soil):

potted ginger plant opus per diem

Then I gave it a nice shady home in our front hallway on top of the new table.

potted ginger plant opus per diem

Such pretty leaves. Plus I hear the plant grows to be ginger fragrant too. Can’t wait!

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