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Day 44: A comic book art-style sketch

I spent most of yesterday trying to get this site looking the way I wanted, which was sort of a feat because I was having some trouble figuring out WordPress’ content import/export system, plus I had to edit my existing content to fit the display settings of a brand-new CSS. But I daresay I’ve got my site where I want it to be aesthetically (with a few critiques here and there, but when is that not the case for a creator, yeah?).

I still wanted to get a new piece in for the day, so I grabbed a spare piece of watercolor paper and my trusty Staedtler clicker pencil and got to brainstorming. I didn’t have to think long. When I work, I usually have Netflix or HBO on the TV in the background, usually something like Adventure Time or Bob’s Burgers or anything like that doesn’t require too much close attention. Yesterday’s show was Justice League Unlimited, which reminded me that I’ve always been a huge fan of comic book art and have long entertained the thought of adopting that style myself, at the very least in imitation.

There’s this dude named Kenneth Rocafort who does this amazingly detailed art for a number of comics, including Superman and Red Hood and the Outlaws and Teen Titans and such. I grabbed one sketch and deigned to replicate it (I’m cheating and only including the link and not the original inspiration, since my version will look that much more absolute shite by comparison).

I feel like it’s decent for a first effort, but could use some vast improvement. Case in point: Just by seeing it through a different lens (photography), I’m already picking up on flaws I didn’t catch while working away at it.

Whatever. It was meant for practice anyway. Going to try and watercolor it in when I’m done with the sketching and inking.

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