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Day 47: Manga-style sketches, watercolored

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Well, I tried my best. Watercolor process was a bit bumpy, as the paint kept coagulating in the grain of the paper I’ve been using. That and I had a masking fluid fiasco, where the mixture got majorly gummy around Blue’s right eye, to the point where I had to peel off paper to get what I could of it off (if you look close up to the photo, you’ll see the whites of her eyes don’t look so white).

So pissed, especially because not long ago, I picked up a trick elsewhere off the internets of mixing the fluid with water, which not only gets the masking to dry flat, but it also doesn’t permanently stick to my paper like fluid alone does every single freakin’ time.

Never working with this paper again. (I don’t even know what brand or weight it is, because it was gifted to me.)

Anyway, I’m still pretty pleased with my results, even if I didn’t really plan for a cohesive piece of art nor a background (it was just quick, fun sketching after all).


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Some questions: Is this more manga or comic book style? Do the Pink and Blue look at all Asian? What do you think makes them look that way? Any other feedback?

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