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Day 49: Horse photography

I’m going to start off this post with my Sunday photos, since afterwards I’m going to go off on a long-ass ramble about my weekend activities and some new arrivals I’m looking forward to.

Without ado, I bring you: horse photos!

horse irene park an opus per diem

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved everything about horses (except perhaps their copious bowel movements). But in the last few years I’ve picked up DSLR photography, I’ve never much had the opportunity to actually catch some on film.


There’s a stable near Boyfriend’s upstate New York home where they often let their ponies out to graze, but I’ve always never had my DSLR on hand or, when I do, the creatures aren’t around. So when we were driving by yesterday, never mind I only had my 50mm on hand, I happily snapped away. One (on top) even came up to the fence to investigate all the snap snaps! coming from the direction of our car.

I don’t know nearly enough about horses to know why these guys were wearing a horse version of lucha masks, but I thought they were pretty anyways.

On a related note, I just learned of a place called Assateague a little south of Delaware that houses a wild horse refuge. I DIE.

* * * * * * *

Weekends are always tough for staying on top of this blog, if not only because it’s prime time for Boyfriend to catch up on his errands and fun, and we try to minimize indoor computer time. Great for sanity and general happiness, bad for portraying diligence and consistency on this blog.

Nevertheless, I am here to prove that otherwise I’ve stayed productive.

This weekend was spent largely on snapping shots on my various cameras. But rest assured my thirsts for both photography and drawing both experienced overquenching, if not mostly through a crazy online shopping spree I’ve been on.

No joke. It’s a little (a lot) embarrassing.

Things I’ve bought in the past three days:

  • A refurbished Epson V550 scanner
  • A Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM lens
  • 4 new Winsor & Newton Professional watercolors
  • 3 new watercolor brushes
  • 2 S.H. Figuarts Action Figures, in Body-Kun and -Chan DX (for modeling purposes)
  • A Figma Archetype Next: She (also for modeling purposes)
  • A Moleskine Art Plus Watercolor Album, pocket edition

(This on top of some Fallout 4 collectibles, CR2 batteries for a newly purchased used Instax Mini 7, and a haircut for Kenji the Dog.)

I know, I know. It sounds ridiculously over the top. But I’m super stoked sitting here waiting for all my new goodies to arrive, since they’re all either long coveted or direly needed, but mostly both.

For instance, landscape is not an area of photography I consider a strength of mine. But you just know a wide-angle lens (which I’ve reallyreallyreally wanted for a reallyreallyreally long time) is going to advance my scenic captures by leaps and bounds (and no more having to use a stupid smartphone for panoramic shots anymore!).

Then there’s the scanner. If you’re a regular of this site, you’ll have noticed that all of my artwork looks each different and variant from each other in color balance, lighting, and depiction of paper texture (among many things). It’s bothered me immensely how I’m unable to publish true reproductions of my artwork online. No more shoddy blown-out phone snapshots of my sketches for me!

I admit the most impulsive of my buys are the three action figures I purchased, since I didn’t realize until yesterday that a mannequin might be a good tool to have on hand for sketching humanoid subjects. Long story short: I saw a wooden mannequin at Michaels (ugh, Michaels), I did some research online for best art mannequins, then after browsing through a few settled on the Body-Kun/Chan and Figma based on price and maneuverability. I think the DXs are especially cool:

S.H. Figuarts Body-Kun Body-Chan DX

They come with interchangeable hand shapes and weapons!

I did also spring for the Figma because I thought the torso was better represented and the head wasn’t so oversized relative to the body on She:

Figma Archetype Next She Flesh Color

However, I definitively did not feel the same appeal from He (hence why I didn’t get him):

Figma Archetype Next He Flesh Color

What is that? All those grossly overexaggerated muscles. Way to dream, boys. I’d feel like a pervert having one of these sit on my desk all the time.

So anyway, I’m super freakin’ ridiculously excited to receive these folks and finally learn how to sketch proportional, shapely bodies for once in my life. Except…

…except they’re not available till October.


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