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Day 56: Instax polaroids

polaroids instax mini 25 an opus per diem

I recently ended up buying an Instax MIni 25, a transaction that resulted because I’d caught the eBay bargain-hunting bug and was upbidding an item out of curiosity and won more or less by accident. I’m a little miffed because I definitely could have landed a better bargain. (I also didn’t feel any better when I realized the listing erroneously advertised a 7S, and also advertised that it was “like new,” when the close-up lens that comes with new 25s is conspicuously missing from this package.)

Minor setbacks aside, I’m actually glad I’ve got my mini Polaroid now, because face it, who doesn’t like Polaroids? They’re physical prints that are instant, and there’s just something about a Polaroid that makes even the most camera-shy quietly ask to have their picture taken.

I think for me, one of the biggest joys comes from gifting one-of-a-kind snapshots to the friends I’m with. For instance, for the first photo, I made Boyfriend and his mother take two photos together, so they could each carry a memento of each other in their respective wallets. The next few were taken during a get-together dinner for EK (a.k.a. wedding invite girl), who was briefly in town with her lovely fiancé.

Pictured above are the requisite photos of Kenji of course, and Boyfriend and me (we… don’t take many photos together). Our next door neighbors also just adopted the most adorable little hound puppy, so I took some commemorative shots for them too.

Sure, everyone always slams Polaroid photo quality, but eff it. At the end of the day, it’s like the gift that won’t stop giving… at least until it breaks.

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