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Day 7: A beaded necklace

About a year and a half ago, while roaming the Lower East Side with Boyfriend, I ran across a jewelry storefront that made me pause in my tracks:


I’ve long been the owner of splendidly colorful seed beads gifted to me way back when in middle school. Ever since, I’ve always racked my brain trying to figure out a way to put them together that didn’t seem somehow kindergarten arts & crafts project-y.

So I was thrilled to find these beaded pieces that looked not only elegant, but also totally replicable at home.

It’s been a while since I picked up the ol’ pliers, but some new wire and chain was enough to kick me back into the game. Might tackle a few more necklaces, then move on to bracelets and earrings — that is, so long as my fingers can handle all that clamping and twisting.

* * * * * * *

Future project ideas:

  • Wedding invite update
  • Upcycle old candy tin as planter


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