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Day 70: A “Sparkler Angel” GIF

I’m always meaning to participate in the Instagram Blog’s Weekend Hashtag Projects. But whenever I see the assigned topic (whenever I actually remember), I’m always either not able to find anything to photograph that quite meets the standard or just plain chickening out of rising to the challenge.

Boyfriend was dragging me Upstate (upstate New York, that is) this weekend, so I was determined to spend that time productively and submit something, anything, to WHP for once. I guess it was just my luck (not) that #WHPilluminate asked for submissions of videos taken of light at night.

I’m terrible with figuring out the proper exposures needed for night photography and I’m also terrible at taking video with my 60D. Suffice it to say, I was not pleased nor optimistic about capturing anything up to snuff. Boyfriend and I tossed several ideas back and forth, including some “optical illusions” we’d seen on Saturday at Queens’ Museum of the Moving Image (it’s seriously cool — if you’re in New York, definitely go check it out). Then we fiddled around trying to shoot fireflies in Boyfriend’s backyard, burning tiki torches, and of course (since it’s July 4th), people lighting fireworks all over the neighborhood.

What I went with in the end was, of course, an accident. I’d given up trying to get anything for #WHP, and Boyfriend and I were messing around with sparklers, taking pictures of each other doing so. Later, as I was preparing to upload the photos to my computer, I was spinning the playback dial on my camera and realized I’d caught 8 frames that took Boyfriend through the motion of one full “wing flap.”

Hello, stop motion!

I guess it’s nothing close to a winning video, but I figure it’s not bad for a first submission.

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