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Day 73: A mermaid watercolor

It’s finally done!

Mermaid Watercolor, by Irene Park/An Opus Per Diem

I have a few critiques, mainly:

  • Her hair — I was originally planning to give my girl some red/dark pink highlights, but royally effed it up. I managed to do some damage control by lifting whatever paint I could and adding darker blue tones to the hair, but you can still see some of the original mess on top of her head.
  • Her mouth — I didn’t realize until after I’d taken a photo of my work that her mouth is just a bit too low, making her face seem donkeyish.
  • Her tail scales — I didn’t realize the white “glisten” I added would turn out completely horizontal looking until after I was already done painting. Should pay more attention to curvature.
  • The background — I’m not good at landscapes in general, but the fish in the water are especially heinous. I wish I’d spent more time perfecting them instead of roughly throwing them back there.

That said, I used no reference material for this sketch (except for her left hand), so I’m really surprisingly pleased at how the final piece turned out!

*pats self on back*


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