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Day 76: A wistful Ponyta sketch

So this week, Boyfriend and I started playing a little game called Pokémon Go. If you don’t know what it is, it’s an Augmented Reality game that places collectible Pokémon at real-life locations, and you can go search them out and catch them. Or in other words, it’s a game that’s brought out nerds (80% of them Asian) to the streets in droves, and if you see a random crowd of people congregated somewhere swiping at their phones, they’re probably playing this.

We got a fairly quick head start on most other players, seeing that we hopped on the bandwagon Day 1 (Thursday) and Long Island City, especially our area, is chock full of Pokémon and Pokéstops/Gyms (basically, stations where you can gather more XP).

But even though we’re playing together, meaning we’re visiting a lot of the same locations and seeing a lot of the same wild Pokémon around, we’ve definitely found Pokémon the other has not, often one that the other reallyreallyreally wanted.

Like Ponyta. I was so peeved when Boyfriend caught this as one of his first Pokémon, then even more peeved when I heard Ponyta are kind of everywhere!

In anger and sadness, I drew this.

(In other news, I’ve never felt more like a loser.)

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