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Day 8: A soda can vase


Last weekend, I bought a bouquet of daisies, carnations, peruvian lilies, and purple statice, but wasn’t quite happy with the way they looked altogether in the vase, like some cheesy 1-800-FLOWERS arrangement. I thought separating out the different blossoms might help everything look a little more stylish. Fortunately, I was right. Unfortunately, Boyfriend has a history of breaking my vases, and I’ve never owned many to start with.

So… I’m sort of a San Pellegrino nut. I finally dished out for several six packs of the pompelmo and aranciata rossa. Only thing is (besides the excess sugar consumption), the empty cans were starting to pile up.

I was just about to get off my lazy butt and finally toss everything in the recycling… when I had an idea.

Grabbing a nail and hammer (I’m told a can opener is much easier to work with, but mine is shite, so) I punched out the tops of the cans.


Then I smoothed down the ragged edge with a deburring tool (apparently mechanics’ go-to tool for filing metal).


Okay, I try not to indulge in too many things that err on the side of “vintage” (because programmer Boyfriend abhors hipsterisms), but I might have to cheat on this count. Don’t hate me.

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