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Days 91-96: Marker doodles and doodles for markers

So I’ve picked up this quasi-obsession with markers that may or may not be considered unhealthy (it’s definitively¬†unhealthy for my poor bank account). Having received a handful of Copic Sketches (because I couldn’t wait patiently for my severely backordered 72-marker set and jumped the gun on some “additional” colors), I decided I reallyreallyreally wanted to test them out as soon as possible.

So I started drawing, trying to get a nice outline to color in. Stuff like:




pokemon dragons irene park an opus per diem

… because I’m obsessed with dragon pokemon right now.

I haven’t quite hit the sweet spot with any of the three, but hoping that I can salvage the work, or at least the takeaways from those projects. More to come.

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